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Up-Words - Hope Encouragement Inspiration

Dec 14, 2017

Morning Notes starts us off with – "I Make New Choices".  We are the result of the choices we make.

All About People brings you "People at Christmas"

In A Time for Rhyme you’ll hear an original poem called … At Christmas we sing – a fun piece.

Internet Church wraps things up with "What Is Your Drum".  Using the...

Dec 8, 2017

Morning Notes offers "Seeking a Miracle?" - a reflective piece. Note the question mark.

All About People talks about "Taking Risks" - and don't we all. 

A Time for Rhyme presents a new poem - "Christmas Has Come"

Internet Church gives you a piece titled "Insight from Wise Men", an original post telling of King...

Dec 6, 2017

In this podcast you'll hear 9 pieces - 2 interviews with 3 of my grandkids, 2 stories of Christmas carols, and 5 original pieces I wrote. 

You'll especially love hearing the back story of O Little Town (24:120 and Silent Night (28:39).

Wishing you a hope-filled Christmas and new year. 


Dec 1, 2017

Morning Notes brings you What I Know, a play on the old 'know thyself' mantra. 

All about People talks about Learning from Footprints on the Moon. There are lessons in that for all of us. 

A Time for Rhyme has a new poem - What Will You Do

And Internet Church wraps up with The Simplest of Gifts. You'll want to gather...

Nov 25, 2017

Welcome to Podcast #12.  

~Morning Notes brings you "Facing Life", a reflective piece.

~All About People talks about "Desire" - the good side. 

~A Time for Rhyme gives you a fun little poem called "Intend."

~And Internet Church offers Christmas Begins.  The music you'll hear underneath this one is by my friend Richard...