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Up-Words - Hope Encouragement Inspiration

May 20, 2024

155 What If I Get Knocked Down

You'll hear three segments taken from "The Almost a Minute Blog". 

  1. What If I Get Knocked Down
  2. What You've been Told May Not Be True
  3. Curiosity

Be encouraged.

May 13, 2024

#154 Can You See It?

It's a matter of vision, not eyesight.  The eyesight comes later, but all great dreams begin in our vision, in our mind's eye.  Happy dreaming!

May 5, 2024

153 Do You Believe in Magic

What a great question.  In this enlightened age perhaps some people have lost their ability to believe in magic. Well, I'm here to tell you it exists, for I have experienced it.  Keep listening and be encouraged. 


Apr 28, 2024

152 A Future With Hope

Got hope? Here are some encouraging words to hold onto in good times and rough seasons of life.  Be encouraged. 

Apr 21, 2024

151 Your Acres of Diamonds

What lies beneath the surface in your life and talents? You could be sitting on acres of diamonds in abilities and talents that could be life changing for you and for others.  

A worthy listen.