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Up-Words - Hope Encouragement Inspiration

Dec 10, 2018

Merry Christmas from Up-Words

Five segments today:

The Decisions We Make at Christmas (It's all About People) 1:01

Does Your Heart Grow at Christmas (Morning Notes) 2:15

Hope fore We Ordinary Types (It's All About People) 4:39

Where Are you Christmas (A Time for Rhyme) 8:01

God Shows Up at Christmas (Internet Church) 9:12

Nov 10, 2018

#054 Up-Words 

Morning Notes - "Broken Crayons Teach" - 1m 10s

All About People - "We Do What We Can" 3m 14s

A Time for Rhyme - "We Need Heroes" 4m 33s

Almost a Minute - "Lasko" 7m 1s


Nov 2, 2018

From Morning Notes - "Seeing Your Worth" (1m 5s)

From Internet Church - "A Beautiful and Terrible World" (2m 55s)

From A Time for Rhyme - "Awakened by the Shoulds" (4m 38s)


Oct 25, 2018

Up-Words Podcast #52

What Is Your Opinion of You - 1m 02s

Where Success Comes From - 3m 29s

Is the World Ending - 5m 37s


Oct 20, 2018

From It's All About People

- Destroying Illusions plus

- Thoughts on Getting Well