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Up-Words - Hope Encouragement Inspiration

Apr 8, 2024

149 The Art of Human Kindness

We never know how one small kind act of kindness can change the direction of a person's life. Listen and share this important podcast.  Thanks for being a loyal listener. 


Apr 2, 2024

#148  You Can Bounce and Not Break 

We all fall, have problems, mess things up, forget our place, have bad hair days and generally mess up. The great news is, in spite of these failures, we bounce back.  We don't break.  It is not the end when we do wrong things. It's a do-over. 


Mar 17, 2024

147- Our Dark Days Make Us Prove We Are Strong

Dark days happen. We fail, we miss the mark.  And we find within us just how strong we really are. May you be encouraged as you listen. 


Mar 2, 2024

146 The Person Behind the Label

Sometimes, we wear lables, and sometimes, those labels are less than desirable.  You are not your labels.  Always remember that. 


Feb 25, 2024

145 The Cracked Pot

If you've ever felt you were full of cracks and flaws, then you'll find encouragement in today's podcast.  There is usefulness in our less than desireable character traits.  Be encouraged.